Monday, July 9, 2012

The Lone Flower

There is a lone flower that lives at the edge of my sidewalk.  It stands in stark contrast to the dull grey of the concrete and the grass that is ever growing browner as the heat of the sun swelters the living plants surrounding it. The mower respects its territory and it has survived the walkers. It's the lone flower.

Pluck not the wayside flower;
It is the traveler's dower.
~William Allingham

Friday, July 6, 2012

My tiny tiny sunflower

No words are needed (except to maybe let everyone know that I'm 5 feet tall!)
Think I've given it enough lovin? 

W. N. (Walt Neibarger) 1983: The virility of the sunflowers in a drought that ruined ordinary farm crops is evident the way the sunflowers gained height and full of beautiful yellow blossoms. Perhaps, (yes, maybe) this Kansas sunflower is an indication of the virility of the Kansas people dating back to pioneer times that have survived depressions, hard times, dust storms, floods, tornados, wars, or what have you. At least we like to think we haven't lost our ability, independence, at faith in ourselves to survive whatever comes along.